Garden furniture manufacturing by Turkish furniture manufacturers is offering in many different models with unique designs and product options. Garden furniture, which is outdoor furniture, is manufactured from materials that are not affected by adverse weather conditions. These materials are usually plastic, metal, waterproof furniture fabrics and moisture resistant wood. Garden furniture can supply as a single piece or as a set. The set consisting of garden chairs and garden tables can be manufactured in requested dimensions. Durable and comfortable Turkish garden furniture is prefering by buyers in many countries of the world due to timely delivery and competitive economic prices.

garden furniture grd01
Garden Furniture GRD01
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Garden Furniture GRD01

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Garden Furniture GRD02
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Garden Furniture GRD02

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Garden Furniture GRD03
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Garden Furniture GRD03

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Garden Furniture GRD04
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Garden Furniture GRD04

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Garden Furniture GRD05
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Garden Furniture GRD05

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Garden Furniture GRD06
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Garden Furniture GRD06

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Garden Furniture GRD07
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Garden Furniture GRD07

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Garden Furniture GRD08
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Garden Furniture GRD08

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Garden Furniture GRD09
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Garden Furniture GRD09

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Garden Furniture GRD10
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Garden Furniture GRD10

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Garden Furniture GRD11
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Garden Furniture GRD11

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Garden Furniture GRD12
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Garden Furniture GRD12

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Garden furniture is a type of outdoor table that can be used as a dining space or simply as a place to sit and relax. Some garden tables have benches built into them while others are freestanding pieces of furniture. Furniture that is intended to be used outside your home includes garden furniture, patio furniture, sun loungers, umbrellas and parasols. Garden chairs are designed specifically for use outdoors. They have a seat that is not too deep, so they are easy to sit on. Most garden chairs come with arms that help keep people from falling off the chair. Some garden chairs have backs that extend further than the rest of the chair. This allows people to lean back and relax while sitting.

What considered when choosing bedroom furniture?

When choosing your garden furniture, consider what kind of use you want it to serve. If you plan on using it often, then choose something sturdy that won't easily break down over time. On the other hand, if you're only going to use it occasionally, then go with a lighter option that won't take much maintenance. You'll need to decide whether you want your garden furniture to look like traditional furniture or modern design. Traditional designs tend to include wooden legs and a solid frame, whereas modern garden furniture tends to feature a sleek, lightweight design.

Garden Furniture Materials

Turkish garden furniture is not only used in gardens but also in parks and other public places. This type of furniture can be classified into two categories: indoor and outdoor. Indoor furniture is usually made from metal, plastic, glass, and wood. However, outdoor furniture is generally made from natural materials like bamboo, teak wood, wicker, rattan, etc. These materials are durable and weather-resistant. In addition, they do not require maintenance.

Wooden Garden Furniture

Wooden garden furniture refers to any outdoor furniture that is constructed from wood, including chairs, tables, benches, etc. For instance, wood provides strength, longevity through durability and attractiveness. The wood products are available in a number of shapes including square, round, rectangular and oval. Also, you need not worry about maintenance of equipment since wooden pieces never require paint jobs and painting services. Wood products are versatile as compared to other materials such as concrete, fiberglass and metals, as they possess specific characteristics such as hardness, resistance to water.

Plastic Garden Furniture

Plastic garden furniture is the name given to a type of outdoor furniture that is made from plastic materials. They are usually manufactured using polyethylene (PE) but can also be made from other plastics like polypropylene (PP), polystyrene (PS) or even PVC. These types of furniture are designed to withstand the elements such as rain, wind, sun, heat, cold, etc. They are used extensively in residential gardens and landscapes to provide comfortable seating areas. This kind of furniture comes in different shapes and sizes depending on your needs. Some common examples include benches, tables, chairs, planters, gazebos, umbrellas, swings, loungers, chaise longues, decking and arbors.

There are many benefits associated with using this type of furniture. Some of these include being lightweight, durable, easy to clean, and low maintenance. In addition, they are also cost effective, eco-friendly, and energy efficient. To make sure that you get the best out of your plastic garden furniture, it is important to maintain it properly. You should keep an eye on it regularly and ensure that it does not sustain any damage. If you notice anything wrong, then you need to take immediate action to repair it.

Metal and Plastic Garden Furniture

Metal and glass parts are generally used as accessories in garden furniture. Putting glass on the tables and making some parts of the chairs from metal provide convenience and comfort in terms of durability. However, there are also tables and chairs made entirely of metal and plastic. Hardened aluminum is frequently used in the manufacture of chairs and tables

Garden Furniture Types

There are many types of Turkish garden furniture out there, but they each serve their own purpose. Here's a quick list of some popular options:

Outdoor Dining Tables

These are great for large groups of people who want to eat outside. They are usually made from steel frames and come in various sizes depending on how many people you want to seat around.

Patio Chairs

These chairs are perfect for smaller spaces where you don't need a lot of seating. They are generally small enough to fit just about anywhere.

Sun Lounger

Sun loungers are great pieces of furniture for relaxing in the backyard. They provide shade but do not block the sunlight completely. You can either lie down on the lounge chair or sit in it. If you choose to lay down, you can prop yourself up using two cushions. Sun loungers are usually made from aluminum or steel.


An umbrella is a piece of garden furniture that protects us from the sun while sitting outside. There are many types of umbrellas out there today like beach umbrellas, folding umbrellas, and retractable umbrellas. You should choose an umbrella that suits your needs.

Garden Stools

Garden stools are small seating pieces that are perfect for sitting in the backyard. These types of garden furniture are often made from wood, wicker, rattan, metal, plastic, etc.

Outdoor Dining Sets

Outdoor dining sets include a table, four chairs, and two benches. They are suitable for eating meals while relaxing or enjoying time with friends and family.

Advantages of Garden Furniture

Garden furniture has become increasingly popular over the years. Many people have started using garden furniture to create their own personal outdoor space. There are many benefits to having your own garden furniture. You can use Turkish garden furniture to enjoy time outside, entertain guests, relax, and even sleep outdoors. Here are some of the benefits of owning garden furniture.

Better aesthetics

A well-designed garden can make your outdoor space look amazing. This includes adding garden furniture to your backyard.

Easy maintenance

You don’t need to spend hours maintaining your garden furniture. All you have to do is clean it once in a while using soap and water.


Some garden furniture can be used to help you relax after a long day at work. You can use them to sit, read a book, or just enjoy the fresh air.

More comfortable

There are different types of chairs and tables that you can choose from. These include wicker, metal, rattan, and wooden.

Gardan Furniture Manufacturing In Turkey

Garden furniture manufacturing has an important place in the Turkish furniture industry. The main types of garden furniture produced in Turkey are garden furniture sets, tables, stools, chairs, outdoor coffee tables. In recent years, the demand for environmentally friendly garden furniture made of natural materials such as wood or rattan has been increasing. Therefore, Turkish garden furniture manufacturers manufacture garden furniture in many models and styles with their modern designs and export them to many countries. Natural wood, plastic, metal and other materials used in the production of the garden furniture are carefully selected in order to be resistant to adverse weather conditions, time and impacts outdoors.

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