Furnitures are portable general items that we use for sitting, resting, sleeping and eating at work places and homes in daily life. The main types of furniture according to the purpose of use are living room furniture, tables, bedroom furniture, sofas, beds, garden furniture, coffee tables, side tables, classical furniture, cushions, chairs and office furniture.

It is important in terms of ease of use and decoration that indoor and outdoor furniture are functional and their designs are compatible with the environment in which they are used. Today, modern and contemporary Turkish furniture, which is both traditional and in line with the trend of the age, is designed by designers. The increase in options in different types of furniture fabrics, fasteners and accessories allows the development of more models and designs.

The quality of furniture has a direct impact on the overall experience of using it. This includes the durability of the material used, the ease of assembly and disassembly, the comfort of the seating surface, and the aesthetic appeal of the design.

Why do you need furniture? Because, furniture gives you the opportunity to rest, sit, eat, sleep, relax, study, etc. Furniture not only provides comfort, but also creates a sense of aesthetics. People create a pleasant environment to enjoy by decorating their homes with different types of furniture. In addition, they allow you to store furniture, clothes, books, toys and similar items and protect them from dust and dirt.

What to expect from furniture? A piece of furniture should be comfortable at first and provide maximum ease of use. The frames, legs, coverings, other accessories and parts of your furniture should have a solid foundation that can withstand any movement and pressure. In addition, it is expected that the assembly of a furniture can be done easily and quickly, and pillows, armrests and backrests provide comfort.

Turkish furniture manufacturers are known for its high-quality products that are sturdy and durable. Its furniture manufacturing industry is well established and highly regarded. Many manufacturers that produce furniture use only top-of-the-line materials and technological equipment. The quality of Turkish furniture consists of some factors. These include the use of high-quality woods and other raw materials, the skill of the craftsman who makes the furniture, the attention to detail, and the emphasis placed on ergonomics. The main purpose in the style and design of furniture models is to provide maximum comfort and to minimize the stress on the body.

Furniture Styles

Furniture Styles are the way we decorate our homes, offices and outdoors. Furniture has both functional and decorative purposes and is often based on a particular style or idea. There are many different Turkish furniture designs, each with its own purpose and function. Some furniture styles are traditional, contemporary and modern furniture.


This type of furniture has been around since ancient times and continues to be popular today. There are many different variations of traditional furniture but they can generally be divided into two categories: wood-based and metal-based. Wood-based furniture usually consists of hard and soft woods, while metal-based furniture includes furniture pieces made of iron, steel and aluminum materials.


Contemporary furniture designs are designs created today that are not necessarily based on a particular style. Such furniture can have many different shapes, sizes, materials, colors and even some unique features. Contemporary furniture tends to be lighter than traditional furniture and uses wood as well as plastic, glass and other non-traditional materials.


Modern furniture is a term that describes furniture that has been designed in the modern era. The design of this furniture is characterized by clean lines, smooth surfaces, straight edges, and simple shapes. Designs are usually minimalist, but they can vary depending on the designer’s personal preference. Some common examples of modern furniture styles include mid-century modern, minimalism, postmodern, and contemporary. In addition to these styles, many designers have created their own unique interpretations of modern furniture. The popularity of modern furniture is due to its simplicity and functionality. Many people prefer this style of furniture because it blends well into any home décor. Because of this, modern furniture is often used in offices, restaurants, hotels, and other public spaces.

Furniture Materials

The main and most used material in Turkish furniture manufacturing is wood obtained from nature and various boards such as MDF, chipboard and plywood obtained by using various furniture chemicals together with these trees. Untreated wood, called solid wood, is also used in the manufacture of furniture. Glass, marble, plexiglass and metals that can be used as furniture accessories also contribute to the diversity in furniture manufacturing.

Metal materials are often used in the manufacture of the inner skeleton of furniture, fasteners and truss systems. In addition, furniture accessories are obtained from plastic materials and many different types of plastic furniture accessories, especially furniture legs, are used in furniture production. Filling sponges are generally used in furniture upholstery in accordance with their intended use. These sponges have density options coded in international standards and the sponge and covering fabric to be chosen for furniture manufacturing determines the comfort of use of the furniture. Standard export packaging of furniture is made for the storage and shipping stages after the manufacturing phase.

Furniture Wood Material Types

There are two basic categories of wood that make up most furniture , hardwood and softwood. Hardwoods are much harder than softwoods, making them better suited for outdoor use. Softwoods are typically used indoors and have a tendency to warp over time. There are three main types of hardwood: oak, maple, and mahogany. Oak has a rich coloration and can take stains well, but it is not particularly strong. Maple is light-colored and extremely durable, but it is easy to break down. Mahogany is dark brown and heavy, but it is also strong. Softwoods include pine, fir, cedar, spruce, and cypress. Pine is commonly used in indoor environments due to its durability and ease of maintenance. Fir is often used for outdoor furniture because of its ability to withstand weathering. Cedar is very popular for its natural look, while spruce is good for high-end designs. Cypress is a darker version of cedar that is resistant to rot. Turkish furniture is made by choosing wood types suitable for style and design.

Furniture Fabric Types

There are different furniture fabrics that can be preferred according to the frequency of use and purpose of use. These fabrics are also used for covering pillows, covers and throw pillows as well as upholstery covers in furniture. Different types of fabric are generally used in furniture used in home furniture and workplaces. The first thing to consider when choosing a fabric is to choose the right type of upholstery fabric that will ensure the longevity of the furniture and the desired comfort of use. Furniture fabrics that do not repel dirt, are easy to clean and are compatible with the environment in terms of color should be preferred. Some of the fabric types that will meet the production needs with the development of model designs and alternatives for furniture produced in Turkey today are as follows;

  • Linen furniture fabric
  • Chenille furniture fabrics
  • Nubuck furniture fabrics
  • Foal upholstery furniture fabrics
  • Leather furniture fabrics
  • Artificial leather furniture fabrics
  • Flocked suede furniture fabrics
  • Gabardine furniture fabrics
  • Moher furniture fabrics
  • Acrylic furniture fabrics
  • Alcantara furniture fabrics

What should be considered in furniture?

Turkish furniture is manufactured in accordance with the expectations in a piece of furniture that is needed, in a way that will be productive for a long time and comfortably. You can examine the furniture models suitable for your space and needs from many furniture models, and you can think about them and choose them according to their features.


Durability is the ability of a piece of furniture to resist damage from natural wear and tear over time. A piece of furniture is considered durable if it lasts longer than expected without breaking down or deteriorating. This is measured by how long it takes for a piece of furniture to break down or deteriorate. Some factors that affect the durability of furniture include the type of material used to make the furniture, the quality of the material, and the care taken while making the furniture. If any of these factors is not taken into account in the manufacture of furniture, the furniture may be less durable than expected. In Turkish furniture manufacturing, it is aimed to make the furniture durable by taking all these factors into consideration.


When talking about furniture comfort, we are referring to how comfortable a piece of furniture feels to sit in and use. When you’re sitting at home all day, you want to make sure that your furniture provides comfort. This can be determined by factors like weight distribution, seat depth, back height, leg length, armrests, and other ergonomic aspects. Furniture that is uncomfortable in any way could cause pain or discomfort over time.

Furniture Space

Furniture space should be considered when planning a new home or office design. Furniture can make a huge impact on how your space feels and functions. If you have small spaces, consider using furniture that has multiple uses, like a coffee table that doubles as a TV stand or a desk that converts into a bed. You may even want to think about adding storage underneath or behind your sofa, or using modular pieces that can be removed from the room when not needed.


The material used in making your furniture has a significant impact on its durability and longevity. Wood is the classic choice but other materials like metal, plastic and glass are being used these days. Each material offers different benefits and drawbacks. Take time to research what's best for you before buying. Furniture made from wood is usually more durable than those made from plastic. But, they both require maintenance. You need to keep them clean regularly to avoid any damage.


The size of a piece of furniture has a direct impact on how much space it takes up in your home. This directly affects how much room you have left over for other things like bookshelves or storage units. You want to make sure that the pieces of furniture you choose are going to fit into the space you have available. Furniture sizes should be selected according to your space at home or workplace.


Color is one of the factors that determine the overall look of any piece of furniture. When purchasing a sofa, you'll want to think about the color scheme of your house. If you live in a bright, sunny area, you'll probably want to avoid dark colors. On the opposite end of the spectrum, if you live in a darker environment, you may want to consider a light colored furniture.


Your furniture should fit into your home's overall design scheme. This means that if you like modern designs, then you should look for furniture that fits into this style. On the other hand, if you prefer traditional styles, then you should choose furniture that goes along with these designs.


A piece of furniture should look great but be functional enough to meet your needs. Furniture functionality refers to how easy it is to use and includes additional features. For example, if you are looking for a seat that is easy to move around, consider purchasing a swivel chair. Thanks to its swivel feature, you can sit comfortably while standing. Another example is furniture used for sitting, also this furniture can help you for store your belongings with its storage feature.

Furniture Maufacturing In Tukey

The furniture manufacturing sector in Turkey comprises three sub-sectors. These sectors are office furniture manufacturing, home furniture manufacturing and outdoor furniture manufacturing. Office furniture manufacturing includes manufacturing of office desks, office chairs, meeting tables, cabinets, and other office equipment. Household furniture manufacturing includes production of beds, sofas, chairs, coffee tables, bedroom furniture, living room furniture, dining tables, daybeds, and other wooden items used in homes. While outdoor furniture manufacturing encompasses production of garden and park furniture.

Furniture factories in Turkey have been continuing their activities for many years with the necessary research, development and equipment investments. Turkish furniture manufactures generally located in regions where forest products are concentrated. The cities where furniture production is mostly made are cities that are suitable for furniture production with infrastructure and qualified personnel such as Istanbul, Kayseri, Eskisehir, Bursa, Ankara and Izmir. In these cities, there is also the manufacture and supply of accessories made of glass, plastic and marble, which are complementary to furniture products. In addition, great importance is attached to the design and product development studies necessary for the development of the brands of Turkish furniture companies. Furniture can exported easily from these cities to many countries of the world with the effect of logistics advantages.

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