Bedroom furniture refers to the pieces of furniture used in the bedroom. This includes beds, dressers, nightstands, desks, bookcases, and other items that are used in the bedroom. These pieces of furniture help define the room and give it its own look. It can be customized according to the size of the bedroom and the pieces of furniture needed, or choose from ready-made options. There are many styles of bedrooms like traditional bedroom, modern bedroom, minimalist bedroom etc. Each type has its own unique design and style. Turkish bedroom furniture is highly preferred today with its comfortable, functional and aesthetic designs. These furniture sets usually include furniture such as wardrobes, beds, bases, nightstands. Each bedroom furniture piece has a function that makes our life easier and increases our comfort.

bedroom furniture set bdm110
Bedroom Furniture Set BDM110
bedroom furniture set bdm110 big picture

Bedroom Furniture Set BDM110

The doors of the dresser are mirrors and a slowing system is used in the drawers.
Furniture legs are made of metal and the front panel is lacquered.
The product is completely made of wooden materials, the upholstery is covered with soft wood fabric and has an easily wipeable texture.
It is produced completely painted, including the inner body.
Inner mattress, pouffe and base are ordered additionally and are optional. The product is disassembled, its packaging is solid and protected.

bedroom furniture set bdm111
Bedroom Furniture Set BDM111
bedroom furniture set bdm111 big picture

Bedroom Furniture Set BDM111

Furniture legs and stainless metal materials are used at the appropriate height for ease of cleaning in the product.
In the manufacture of this product, wooden materials complying with the standards are used.
Furniture stoppers are used on dresser doors and drawers.
Dust-proof hygienic wood coatings are used on all wooden surfaces.
Long-lasting compressed metal sheet is used in the internal structure of the bed furniture.
Sliding doors have a rail system that can be opened and closed easily.

bedroom furniture set bdm112
Bedroom Furniture Set BDM112
bedroom furniture set bdm112 big picture

Bedroom Furniture Set BDM112

The inside of the wardrobe is large volume and arranged in accordance with the usage needs.
The width, height and depth dimensions of the product are in standard dimensions. It can be manufactured in centimeters or inches according to the customer's request.
The bed and headboard are soft fabric upholstery and can be easily wiped.
A stopper system is used on all door and drawer rails.
High metal feet are used in the products and they are made of stainless material.
Accessories, pouf and base in the bedroom set are optional and can be ordered additionally.

bedroom furniture set bdm113
Bedroom Furniture Set BDM113
bedroom furniture set bdm113 big picture

Bedroom Furniture Set BDM113

Wardrobe doors are melamine coated and a furniture stopper is used on the doors.
The metal parts used are stainless and antibacterial.
The wooden parts used are dust-proof and easy to clean.
There is a furniture stopper on the drawers and doors.
It has a modern design with its style, comfort and quality of materials used in its manufacture.

bedroom furniture set bdm114
Bedroom Furniture Set BDM114
bedroom furniture set bdm114 big picture

Bedroom Furniture Set BDM114

Wardrobe doors are mirrored and a slowing system is used on their doors.
To facilitate cleaning, high stainless metal furniture legs are used.
Lines reflecting modern design are used in the bedroom set.
Bed, pouffe and accessories in the bedroom set are not included in the set. It can be added to the order.
The set is disassembled.

bedroom furniture set bdm115
Bedroom Furniture Set BDM115
bedroom furniture set bdm115 big picture

Bedroom Furniture Set BDM115

Furniture fabric in different colors is available according to customer request.
Furniture height, depth and width dimensions can be changed according to the customer's request.
Wooden surfaces are easy to clean, dust-proof and hygienic.
A retarder system is used in all doors and drawers to prevent rapid slamming.
The high furniture legs used provide both ease of use and cleaning.
A long-lasting compressed metal sheet is used in the internal structure of the bed furniture.

bedroom furniture set bdm116
Bedroom Furniture Set BDM116
bedroom furniture set bdm116 big picture

Bedroom Furniture Set BDM116

In order to facilitate use and cleaning, stainless metal feet high from the ground are used.
The product is disassembled.
All upholstery in the set is soft fabric. It is easy to clean and hygienic.
The whole body, including the inner body of the wardrobe, is completely wooden painted.
The accessories in the set are used for visual purposes and can be ordered separately.
The mirror on the wardrobe is solid color.

bedroom furniture set bdm117
Bedroom Furniture Set BDM117
bedroom furniture set bdm117 big picture

Bedroom Furniture Set BDM117

A special handle and furniture leg design suitable for the bedroom set series has been applied.
Mirrored wardrobe doors are melamine coated. A retarder system is used to prevent rapid impact.
To increase the ease of use, metal furniture legs high from the ground are used.
Wooden surfaces are covered with an easy-to-clean hygienic wooden coating.
Pillow, mattress and other accessories are not included in the bedroom set.
It stands out with its modern and innovative design in the Turkish furniture industry.

bedroom furniture set bdm118
Bedroom Furniture Set BDM118
bedroom furniture set bdm118 big picture

Bedroom Furniture Set BDM118

Metal furniture legs are stainless metal and are high from the ground.
A stopper system is used in the drawers of the vanity set furniture to facilitate use.
The materials used in the design enabled the series to have innovative lines.
Wooden materials are preferred from hygienic products that comply with quality standards.
The upholstery in the series is soft wood covering fabric and is easy to clean.
Optionally, product dimensions can be produced in centimeters or inches in terms of width, height and depth.

bedroom furniture set bdm119
Bedroom Furniture Set BDM119
bedroom furniture set bdm119 big picture

Bedroom Furniture Set BDM119

Solid color mirrors are used on the wardrobe doors. The interior of the wardrobe is designed to be large and comfortable to use.
The feet used in the bedroom set are high from the ground and are made of stainless metal.
Accessories are not included in the set and can be ordered separately.
With the quality of the wood and fabric materials used in its design, it has succeeded in being the choice of customers in the bedroom in the Turkish furniture sector.

bedroom furniture set bdm120
Bedroom Furniture Set BDM120
bedroom furniture set bdm120 big picture

Bedroom Furniture Set BDM120

The legs and handles of the nightstand are chosen from materials suitable for the design.
Long-lasting compressed metal sheet is used in the internal structure of the bed furniture.
Fabric and wooden materials are preferred from hygienic and easy-to-clean standard materials.
Anti-dust antibacterial wood coating is used.
The set is disassembled.

bedroom furniture set bdm121
Bedroom Furniture Set BDM121
bedroom furniture set bdm121 visual

Bedroom Furniture Set BDM121

It is a bedroom with an elegant and modern design with trendy colors and materials used.
Ease of use is provided by creating a large volume of usage area in the wardrobe.
A stopper system is used to prevent rapid impact on the mirrored wardrobe doors.
The wooden materials used in the bedroom set are hygienic, dust-proof and easy to clean.
Set pieces can be produced in centimeters or inches depending on the width, height and depth.

Bedroom Furniture Style Ideas

Bedroom furniture styling ideas should include colors that are calming and restful. If your bedroom has a lot of bright color, it can make you feel anxious and stressed out. Instead, use soft pastel shades like cream, browns, tans, and grays. These colors have a soothing effect on the mind and body. When choosing bedding, choose something that feels good against your skin. Cotton sheets may not be the best choice if you sleep cold at night. You should look for bedding that is breathable and comfortable. Also, avoid anything too thin, as this could lead to overheating. Choose a bed frame that fits your style. There are many types of bed frames, but they all serve their purpose. A box spring and mattress set is the classic way to go. This method is easy to assemble and offers plenty of storage space underneath. Another option is a platform bed, which is similar to a box spring and mattress set except it sits directly on top of the floor. Platform beds are great if you want to save space, but some people find them uncomfortable. Consider using throw pillows instead of blankets. They add extra comfort and warmth without taking up much space. Throw pillows come in all shapes and sizes, so you can easily match them to your decor. Some designs are more modern than others and some designs are traditional. If you prefer modern styles, then you may want to go with a contemporary bed instead of a traditional bed. Traditional beds tend to have ornate details that can look beautiful but they can also be complicated and difficult to work with.

What considered when choosing bedroom furniture?

Bedroom furniture sets are furniture that can be used for a long time. They provide comfort and style while helping you create a space that reflects your personality and lifestyle. Bedroom set selection should start with choosing your needs. Need a set that includes a dresser, bedside table, mirror and/or storage? Or do you just want a cot and mattress? You can also consider the size of your room; If you have a small space, you may want to choose smaller pieces such as tables, chairs and storage.

The bed is probably the most important piece of bedroom furniture. A good bed should provide comfort while being supportive enough to keep the person lying down straight. Beds come in many shapes and sizes, but generally speaking, there are two types: box spring and mattress. Box springs are usually metal frames covered in fabric or foam, while mattresses are soft cushions filled with materials like latex, memory foam, and feathers. After you decide what you need, you can choose the Turkish bedroom furniture that is suitable for you.

Bedroom Furniture Manufacturing In Turkey

Turkish furniture manufacturers have been producing bedroom furniture in a wide variety of styles for years. This includes furniture such as nightstands, beds, wardrobes and chairs. Stylish, versatile and functional furniture is combined in a bedroom to complement each other. It usually uses natural wood materials that make the furniture look and feel natural. Necessary precision is also shown in the manufacture of all complementary furniture in the bedroom. Wood, metal, plastic parts and accessories used in its manufacture are carefully selected. Considering the existing design, style and material diversity, different types of furniture set options emerge and this diversity is effective in the production of alternative models. Turkish bedroom furniture is exported to many countries of the world at economical prices.

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