Steel door is a heavy-duty sliding and including lock-system door that is designed to resist damage from wind, weather, vandalism and other hazards. They are generally used as an entrance door in houses and workplaces. They are usually constructed from galvanized steel, but may also be made of stainless steel. There are many types of Turkish steel doors according to the type of coating and lock system. The most commonly preferred ones are laminox, embossed, laminate, PVC coated and rustic type steel doors.

Steel Door Types

There are many types of Turkish steel door frames and panels according to the way they are coated or painted. PVC coating can be used on door frames to achieve a wooden look. In addition, these door frames can be painted with the electrostatic method and a color compatible with the wood-like coated door body can be obtained. By covering MDF door panels with different methods and different materials, different types of steel doors can manufactured, including embossed steel door, laminate steel door, laminox steel door, pvc coated steel door and rustic steel doors.

Steel Door Accessories

Accessories used in steel doors are generally handles, binoculars, hinges and door locks with different options. Door handles and other accessories can be changed according to the model and needs of the customers. The important thing here is to use the appropriate accessories and fasteners correctly during the manufacturing phase in order to get a long-term efficiency from the door. Decorative plexiglass, stainless metal sheet and plastic sheets are also added to steel doors during the coating phase. When the accessories are combined with the door body, they are effective in adapting to the rest of the decor of the place.

Steel Door Lock Types

Steel doors are used in different places to prevent thieves from outside. The types of locks used in steel doors vary according to the level of security required from the steel door and the place where it will be used. Basically, the types of locks used in steel doors are clawed, deadbolt, mono block and electronic lock type locks.

Steel door locks require a certain force to open your door, prevent unauthorized people from entering, provide maximum security for your door. Bolts use an internal spring to hold the bolt closed when locked; They provide additional protection against forced entry, but may be more difficult to operate than other types of levers. Mono blocks have a single locking mechanism on both sides of the door frame that requires both lever and key way; this makes them more secure than traditional levers because they require two separate keys (one on each side) to open from the outside. Finally, the use of electronic locks has become quite common nowadays. Among the biggest advantages of these locks are that they provide good security and are easy to use. Locks with the necessary security standards are used in the manufacture of Turkish steel doors.

Advantages of Steel Doors

Steel front doors are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners who want something that looks great but also has some benefits over wooden doors. Here are some reasons why steel doors are better.


The first reason why steel doors are superior to wood is their durability. They are resistant to all kinds of impacts from the outside. Since their interior design includes insulation, they are resistant to moisture, noise and heat loss.

Looks Dekorative

Another benefit of using steel doors is that they look really stylish and contemporary. Some models look more decorative than other doors. This makes them widely preferred by people.

Energy Efficiency

Steel doors provide energy efficiency thanks to the gasket between the frame and the wing and also the insulation materials inside the body. Steel doors are used as front doors and at the same time, they provide good thermal insulation.


Steel door provides security against intruders. It's hard to get in and harder to break. Security can be further increased by using suitable mono block locks, hook locks and multiple locking and bolt systems.

What should be considered in a steel door?

When deciding to buy a steel door, some issues should be considered. The examination of steel doors will help you find the right door for you.

  1. The thickness of the steel sheet used in the body and casing of steel doors should be a minimum of 1.2mm. This will increase its ability to withstand high levels of force without deformation.
  2. The metal plate placed behind the MDF panel should be stainless and thick enough to withstand impacts.
  3. There should be no gaps between the front and rear panels. This prevents any moisture from entering the structure. The fact that these gaps are also filled with insulating materials prevents heat loss and saves energy.
  4. All screws must be galvanized. Galvanizing provides protection against corrosion and rust.
  5. The hinges must be attached to the frame with two bolts. The hinges should be mounted on the square of the door to prevent moisture and cold air.
  6. The door handle should be stainless steel. This prevents damage to the surface and facilitates cleaning.
  7. It should be ensured that the door has accessories such as binoculars, fixed top lock and bolt. These are factors that increase the level of security.
  8. Care should be taken to ensure that the color of the selected model is compatible with the space. It makes you feel good when using this door.

Steel Door Manufacturing In Turkey

Turkish steel doors are used as entrance doors in many different types of buildings, including commercial buildings and residences. Turkish steel door manufacturers manufacture steel doors in two categories, special and stock. Custom steel doors are manufactured only for specific projects or companies. Stock steel doors are manufactured in large quantities for sale to multiple customers at once.

Frames of steel doors are made of stainless steel. The panel part is generally made of coated MDF and recently popular PVC sheets. In order to increase safety, a stainless metal sheet is mounted on the inside of the panel. A rubber gasket is mounted on the door leaf to ensure the necessary sealing. In order to provide thermal insulation, generally insulating glass is pressed between the two plates of the panel. This material is one of the most suitable materials to be used for filling. Finally, the door frames are manufactured in accordion form to adjust to a certain range. This feature allows steel doors to be easily mounted on walls of different thicknesses, and being adjustable prevents leaks such as moisture.

These steel doors manufactured in Turkey are exported to European countries and other countries, especially from African countries to Nigeria and Ghana.

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