The proliferation of collective housing and the increase in population especially in crowded cities cause the security of houses to gain importance. Security steel doors are also used as exterior entrance doors in this case and meet the security requirements required by the house with its strong security lock systems and strong panel structures.

Stainless steel plates are used as the main raw material in the manufacture of security doors. These steel plates are in different thicknesses according to the place of use and purpose in the structure of the door. Door parts obtained from stainless steel plate can be painted and at the same time coated with different coating methods to obtain a wooden appearance. On the other hand, multi-point security door locks are also of great importance in increasing the security of the door. Generally, hook type and monolock system locks are preferred in the production of security steel doors.

When choosing a security door, the structure of the building to be applied should also be considered. The selected door panel covering material should be chosen not to be affected by daylight or variable weather conditions. The door panel structure, which is selected correctly according to the structure of the building, will ensure the door to be longer lasting and efficient. During the order, the thickness of the door wall should be measured carefully and it should also be determined whether the door will open inwards or outwards.

Why Turkish Security Doors?

Security doors manufactured by Turkish manufacturers are exported to many countries of the world along with the domestic market. Turkish security doors are preferred by importers and customers with the occurrence of security-enhancing developments in production and design. Thanks to the adjustable door mounting parts, assemblies are made quickly and easily. Security doors with many coating options such as PCV coating, membrane coating, laminate coating and rustic coating together with the painted door panel provide maximum security with the protection sheet placed in the body.

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