Interior room doors are doors that allow the passage of rooms in homes and other areas of use such as bathrooms, kitchens. Interior room doors are made of materials such as wood or PVC. Glazed frame can be added according to the purpose of use of the door in the house. Thanks to this glazed frame, it can be easily seen from one room to another or the necessary light transmittance can be achieved.

Interior room doors are easier to produce than other door types and can be mass-produced. Interior room doors are coated at the production stage by using painted or many door panel coating materials. The panel covering, lock and accessories used are of great importance for the efficient and long service life of the door. In this type of door, a fixed wooden door frame is generally used.

Turkey has reached a broad selection of models in the design and production of interior room door in recent years. According to the wishes of the door importers, the door is manufactured and shipped quickly in all sizes and models. With the increase in production, the investments required for the machinery and equipment required for the production of doors faster, competitive price and quality continue every year.

Why Turkish Interior Doors?

Manufactured by Turkish interior room door manufacturers, interior room doors are preferred in many countries with their high quality and reasonable price options. A wide range of designs and models are offered to customers with membrane, melamine, PVC, composite and lacquer options. In addition, quality accessories and door handles used in the manufacture of interior room doors make it possible to use and install the doors, making it possible for the doors to have a long life. The doors, which can be manufactured in all sizes according to the desired model, are packaged in the same packaging and ready to be sent to customers. You, our valued customers, can examine the door models suitable for your construction project and building and contact them for more detailed information.

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